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Providing the dream of Japanese language and access to culture with a personalized touch since 2011.

About Us

Dedicated and Legitimately Qualified with a Graduate Degree in Japanese Language from an Accredited Institution

I am what was called one hundred years ago "a learned man," in the colloquial turn of phrase. 

I know Japanese Language to a skill level not matched by many in this country. I had the good fortune to get a Masters Degree in Teaching Japanese Language from Boston University in 2011. I am happy to provide verification of that credential in the form of primary photo identification by email upon request. 

I enjoy the Japanese language and have had immersive experiences with native speakers many times. Due to a medical condition I am unable to travel by plane and thus have never been able to fulfill my dream of traveling to Japan. However, this has made me all the more eager to learn everything that can be learned from abroad. All I really want to do with my life now is show others all the exciting things I have learned. I want to ignite their spirits with a shared enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, today there is a literal plethora of fraudulent language teachers passing bare fluency off as expertise. This epidemic has been enabled by a flourishing cottage industry of very low quality non-accredited online language schools. Many of these schools award degrees that have very creative and impressive titles - this until a few minutes research shows that said titles are academically meaningless at best.

My credentials and experience are of a very different nature. This is why it is so important that you be confident that I can produce proof of these for you.

High Demand, Long Waiting Lists . . . . Learn Formal Writing Instead?

I need to mention that most of the conversational courses have a waiting list of up to a year. This is due to overwhelming demand. Due to a recent uptick in emigration from the United States to Japan, many people are preparing to relocate. It is rare to find a legitimate language school for Japanese with a waiting list less than six months right now.

Formal writing courses are typically open with no waiting period. I highly recommend them in the interim of the waiting period as they can highly benefit you especially if relocation is on the table.

It is possible to make some quick early progress in Japanese without any formal writing or grammatical skills. This leads many to believe they can dispense with these entirely. Such is not the case. As with any language where the majority of the population is literate, the formal structures of grammar as it is written play a strong role in sentence construction. Many of these cannot be easily inferred from conversational practice. In other words, to sound well educated it is very important to know grammar.

Our Mission

Speaking to the people, offering them the fulfillment of their interest in fluent Japanese is my mission. Thus only could their access to Japanese culture be granted.

As I began to explain above, there is an epidemic of unqualified Japanese language teachers. I have had so many students come to me with a belief that they were fluent in Japanese, only to have me explain to them that their skills were not even at a basic conversational level. 

One such student was named "Adam". (Names have been changed to protect identity). Adam had taken in-person one-on-one Japanese classes for two years with a person claiming to have a Ph.D. in Japanese from Big Shrimp University, a purportedly very prestigious online university. Sadly, Adam had literally been taught basic conversational Mandarin, with incorrect pronunciation. He was very upset to learn what his lesson payments had gone to.

While Adam's story is untypical in the extent to which it was clearly fraudulent, it is very typical in that it illustrates the following elements: An online presence which purports to represent a language teaching school run by an individual highly qualified to teach the language. This happens to one extent or another with more than half of all students I meet. 

That's why my mission as I described it above was only half complete. My mission is to do all of that, legitimately. Enough said.

Course Catalog

There are offerings for Immersive Conversational, Private Conversational, and Immersive Formal

  • Immersive Conversational

This class includes a group setting in which I facilitate conversations among all levels of skill in the Japanese language.

The rate for this is $25 for the first three lessons of one hour each, and $75 thereafter.

Classes are held three times between noon and four each weekday in a location central to Boston's downtown.

  • Private Conversational

In this course I personally converse and guide based upon your individual level of skill in a private yet secured setting with video provided of the whole lesson afterwards for personal review.

The rate for this is $25 for the first ten lessons, rising to $100 per lesson thereafter. Lessons are 55 minutes with an additional ten minutes of fungible time.

Times and locations are negotiable.

  • Immersive Formal

This means I teach formal writing skills in Japanese at all levels, with all levels learning together in a single classroom. Video is not permitted of these.

The rate for these lessons is free for the first three lessons, and $20 per lesson thereafter. Lessons are one hour, but frequently extend with question and answer for an additional twenty or thirty minutes.

My true passion is for formal writing. Demand however for these lessons is lower because the immediate application for most students is less. This is why the rates for these lessons are significantly less. However, I highly encourage you to consider these lessons before moving into conversational Japanese because they teach much of the structure of the language. This can make your progress in conversation much quicker.

Classes are held from 6 until 9 daily, beginning at 6 and allowed to run until 9.

Call or email for availability.

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Try Out A Little Traditional Japanese Music

You should really consider appreciating a little of the wide range of Japanese culture, including traditional music such as in this video!

Remember, the reason I teach and the reason ultimately to learn Japanese is to appreciate another culture for what it offers to someone who wants to take that time to make it more accessible to them.